June 10, 2018

Rev. Ryan Loeslie

Immanuel Lutheran Church in Dimmock, SD.

Rev. Ryan Loeslie of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Dimmock, SD brings us today’s message “The Gospel is the Solution to the Problem”.  The basis of the message is Genesis 3: 8-15.  The hymns: Open Thou Thy Gates of Beauty; Praise To the Lord, the Almighty; and Abide, O Dearest Savior, will be led by the Main Street Living Choir. The program is interpreted and closed captioned for the hearing impaired.  You can also contact us at   info@mainstreet.com.
Kid’s Crossing-Was the world created or did it happen by accident?  Jemimah and Miss Lisa discuss how God, through His power, created the whole world.